Field Force

Manage your field force using a single window in the Field force module for the KB CloudERP add-on.

You can create a schedule of visits for each employee and view locations on the map, monitor the actual visits by geo-tags, and analyze the efficiency of the department.

Every employee can plan their visits using a mobile application.

Explore All Features

Check out all the features listed below to know more about our field force module so you can use it more efficiently depending on your business needs.

  1. Location Tracking: View employee locations on a map for real-time monitoring.

  2. Geo-Tagging: Monitor actual visits through geo-tags, ensuring accurate data.

  3. Efficiency Analysis: Evaluate departmental efficiency with insightful analytics.

  4. Individual Planning: Allow each employee to plan their visits using mobile devices.

  5. Customizable Rules: Set rules for fieldwork based on customer categories.

  6. Prompt Actions: Receive system prompts for appropriate actions at each visit stage.

  7. Record Keeping: Employees can record visit results immediately after meetings.

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