What is a sales target?

Sales target helps businesses to give target-based incentives/commissions to their employees or staff.

Using this business can define a different range of slab-based incentives.

For example:

  • For sales from Rs.0 to Rs.1000, the commission percentage is 5%

  • from Rs.1001 to Rs.5000, commission percentage is 7%

  • from Rs.5001 to Rs.10,000, commission percentage is 9%

  • from Rs.10,000 to Rs.10000000, commission percentage is 12%

This helps businesses boost sales because employees or salespeople work hard to achieve a much higher percentage of commission.

Adding sales target

  1. Go to HRM -> Sales Target, click on ‘set sales target’

  2. In the popup, define the commission slab or target

  3. Here is a screenshot of the above example:

Calculating & Paying commissions to employees

To pay commissions to employees for sales targets, you need to process the payroll.

In payroll processing, it will have a separate column for sales target commission. Check the screenshot below:

Calculates sales target on sales amount excluding taxes:

By default, the sales target will be calculated on the amount including tax.

To calculate it without tax go to HRM -> Settings -> Sales Target

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