Using this module you can create powerful spreadsheets inside KB CloudERP.

Without leaving the system and using Excel. It will be safely stored in the cloud.


  1. Spreadsheet Editor: Create powerful spreadsheets inside KB CloudERP using an inbuilt feature-rich spreadsheet editor.

  2. Import & Export: Import & Export spreadsheet

  3. Sharing: Share it with other Roles or other Users

  4. Organise: Organise spreadsheet into folders using the folder structure, with easy searching & one-click expand/collapse.

Creating Folders

Folders can be created in the spreadsheet module.

To create a folder, click the add folder button, provide an appropriate name to the folder, and save it.

The created folders will be displayed as a tree structure.

Creating Spreadsheets

Once the folder is created, an option to create a spreadsheet under each folder is provided.

You can click the ‘+’ symbol and add a spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet will be similar to Google Sheets. You can add sheets, download or save sheets, and upload Excel files.

Editing Folder Name

You can click the edit symbol and edit a folder name.

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