Delete products (bulk delete)

Deleting individual product

To delete a single product

Go to Products -> List Products -> Actions -> Delete

Delete multiple products

When you want to delete multiple products at the same time you can use this feature.

To bulk-delete products

  1. Go to Products -> List Products -> Click the checkbox of every product that you want to delete

  2. And you will see the Delete Selected button at the bottom of the data tables,

  3. Then click on it.

Common errors

Deleting a product will remove the product from the database.


This delete feature will not work if the product has some transactions related to it.

The transaction can be an Opening Stock, Purchase, Sales, or Stock transfer of the product.

It will show some errors like:

Product can’t be deleted because purchases related to this product exist

Some products couldn’t be deleted because it has transaction related to it

There are several reasons that this issue might come and to avoid follow the steps below.

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