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Is There a Free Version of KB CloudERP?

Yes, KB CloudERP offers free 999 years plan, or you can also sign-up for a free trial version for the first 7 days in case you want to access all the professional features. click here for more info!

Do you offer free support?

Yes, we offer ultimate support (Mon 9:00AM – Fri 6:00PM) for our all customers using WhatsApp live chat as well as physical support depending on the complexity of the issue.

Create your first ticket/message here >>

Do you offer a demo version?

Yes, we have one-click demo version, also you can sign up for free without any payments.

Is our data secure in your cloud server?

Yes, your data is absolutely secure into our cloud servers, we take everyday backups to secure your database into our local cloud servers.

(Note: we also take everyday backups separately into our physical server to prevent the unknown data crash) For more info check out this page >>

Do I need to download any software?

KB CloudERP is a cloud-based system accessible on all your devices. There’s nothing to download.

All you need is a free plan or any of our subscriptions and an internet connection so you can directly access it from your favorite browser.

What happens after my free trial?

With the free trial, you can use KB CloudERP at no charge for 7 days (no debit/credit card required). After your trial is up, you can choose from one of several paid plans.

If you’re not ready to subscribe, no problem. Your invoices, expenses, and other data will be securely stored in case you decide to upgrade later on, or you can use our free limited plan.

Can I change plans after subscribing?

Of course! You can upgrade or downgrade anytime you want. Just email us at contact@kbclouderp.com and we’ll help you choose the right plan.

What are available payment methods?

For now, we offer QR payment method only for now, which is first choice for most businesses to do online transactions in Nepal.

How do I manage multiple businesses with one login?

If you own multiple business than select more than 1 business locations plan, if you need unlimited business location than you need All-In-One plan otherwise every single plan has 2 business location, where you get a feature to add multiple business locations which has its own fully separate dashboard, inventory, reports, systems and you can also assign PAN & VAT depending on your TAX types.

Can I cancel my subscription?

We believe that you’ll be quite happy with us! But, if you’re not satisfied with our product or service, you can cancel your subscription anytime.

Is there a discount for the yearly plan?

Yes! By subscribing to one of our yearly paid plans, you become eligible for a discounted price on the subscription. check this page for pricing info

What if I need help getting started & business setup?

If you need help setting up your account or have any questions about using KB CloudERP Just send a message on WhatsApp or contact us at contact@kbclouderp.com Sunday to Thursday between 9 am and 6 pm GMT+5:45.

Can I Buy KB CloudERP Without Subscription?

KB CloudERP is subscription only and is not a one-time purchase.

KB CloudERP offers monthly and annual billing plans for all of its plans. To subscribe to any of the plans, create a Kb CloudERP account, and subscribe to the required plan within the 30-day free trial period.

Why Trust Our CloudERP System?

At KB CloudERP Solutions, trust is the cornerstone of our commitment to delivering a robust and reliable CloudERP system. Here are compelling reasons why you can confidently place your trust in our solution:

  1. Proven Success: Our track record speaks for itself.

  2. Comprehensive Functionality: Top-notch features for all your needs.

  3. Satisfied Clients: Hear success stories from businesses like yours.

  4. Transparent Communication: Clear information for confident decisions.

  5. Data Security: Robust measures to protect your critical information.

  6. Exceptional Support: Dedicated team for a seamless experience.

  7. Regular Updates: Stay current with evolving industry trends.

  8. Industry Partnerships: Affiliated with leaders, certified for quality.

  9. User-Friendly: Intuitive interface for easy navigation.

  10. Transparent Pricing: No hidden costs, just clear value.

KB CloudERP is run/managed by KBG

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It is one of the best pos system in Nepal for small to medium business.

We are available at business hours from Sunday to Thursday. Send us a message on messenger or email us on contact@kbclouderp.com

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