Leave management

  1. Add leave: Leave Type(dropdown list), Start Date, End Date, Leave type, Reason (text area)

  2. The default status of a leave added is pending

  3. Admin can change the status: status(pending, canceled, approved) by clicking on the leave status column button.

  4. An inbuilt app Notification will be sent to the admin when a new leave is added.

  5. An inbuilt app Notification will be sent to the applied user when the status is changed by the admin.

  6. Only the admin can delete a leave.

  7. Reference no. Will be generated automatically for every leave to uniquely identify them. You can change the reference no prefix from HRM -> Settings (Leave Reference No. prefix)

  8. Leave Instructions: You can enter special instructions for users before applying for leaves from the settings “Leave Instructions” field.

Leave types

  1. Only the admin can manage leave type (add or edit)

  2. Fields:

    • Leave Type: Enter the name of the type of leave.

    • Max leave counts: Maximum number of leaves allowed for the leave type.

    • Leave count interval: This can be “Current month” or “Current financial year” or “None”. It is the interval for the maximum leave counts.

For Example:

If employees can take 12 Sick Leave in 1 year then: Leave Type = “Sick Leave” Max leave counts = 12 Leave count interval = “Current financial year”

Leaves summary for a user

  1. For admin: Admin can view the leave summary of all other users. On the leaves page filter by an employee name and it will show the summary at the bottom of the page.

  2. For Users: Always visible to a user his/her summary.

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