Add products

  1. Go to Products > Add Products

  2. Provide a Product Name, Brand, Units, Category Sub-category SKU: Add a unique SKU that will be used to identify the product & Print the barcode on labels. Leave it empty to auto-generate it.

  3. You can also add a Prefix for auto-generated SKU.

  4. Barcode Type: Select a barcode type, the default/recommended is the C128 option. We recommend changing it only if the product added already has an SKU number for it. Not For Selling: If a product is made not-for-selling then it will not be displayed in the POS or sales screen. This can be useful when using a manufacturing module to make the ingredients as products not-for-selling and also if you want to temporarily disable selling for some products. Alert Quantity: Alert quantity is used to alert when remaining stocks reach this level or below it.

  5. Manage stock: Enable/Disable stock management at a product level. Product stock management is not required for services like Repairing, Hair Cutting, Web Development Printing. For items with Manage Stock Unchecked (disabled), you can sell them in unlimited quantities.

  6. Business Location: Select the business location(s) where this product can sold or purchased.

  7. Select the Applicable tax for that product.

Check out the below article for adding different types of products based on your business.

Add product types

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