Essentials module

  1. ToDo List:

    • Add new to-do items

    • Mark items as completed.

    • Delete items

    • Date-Wise to-do list.

  2. Document

    • Easy document storage to the cloud in your server.

    • Share documents with other users or other roles.

    • Download document.

    • Delete documents

  3. Memos

    • Written message or short notes.

    • Share with other users or roles.

    • Delete

  4. Reminders

    • Add a reminder with the event name, date, and time.

    • One-time reminder or Repeated reminder – every day every week or every month

    • Nice calendar view.

  5. Messages

    • Send messages to everyone within your business.

    • Send to a particular location.

    • Permission to allow sending or only viewing.

  6. Knowledge Base

    • Add information about your business, product, and services.

    • Share these details if needed.

  7. Settings

    • Separate settings are enabled for leave, payroll, attendance, sales target, and essentials.

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