Purchase payment

Purchase payment means paying the supplier for the Purchases.

Payments status options

There are a bunch of statuses of your purchase payment when you purchase from your suppliers.

Check out the below details for the status meaning.

  1. Paid: The PO is 100% paid.

  2. Due: The PO is 100% not paid.

  3. Partial: Partial amount of the PO has been paid.

  4. Overdue: PO is 100% not paid & past the due date.

  5. Partial Overdue: A partial amount of the PO has been unpaid & past the due date.

1. Adding payment when making a purchase

In the add purchase screen,

You'll get an option to add payment in the last of the purchase order along with the shipping charge and more.

2. Adding payment from the list purchase screen

In list purchase click the actions for any PO and it will display the list of actions for it.


This option will be not visible if there is no payment due.

3. Adding payments from Contact

  • Go to contact -> suppliers.

  • Click on actions for the supplier and it will show “Pay Due amount”, click on it and pay the amount.

  • The “Pay Due amount” option is not displayed if there is no payment due.

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