How to add types of service?

  1. Types of service are mostly used in restaurants, it is, for example, Dine-in, Parcel, Courier, 3rd Party Delivery, etc.

  2. Based on the type of service you can change the price of the product by linking types of services to the selling price group.

  3. You can add packing charges (fixed or percentage)

  4. Also, you can add more information like in custom fields.

Enabling types of service

Go to Settings -> Business Settings -> Modules -> Check the “Types of Service”

and save it.

Adding new types of service

  1. To add, go to Settings -> Types of service -> Add

  2. Add a name, description

  3. For each location select the Price Group that will be applicable. Select Default Selling price for selling in default price of the product.

  4. Enter packing charge, leave empty if not applicable.

  5. Enable custom field: this will enable some custom fields in the type of service in the POS screen.

Using a type of service in POS/sales screen

  1. On Enabling Types of Service in the POS screen you will see the option to select Type of service.

  2. Before adding a sale select the type of service and enter the relevant details.

  3. You can show the type of service information in the receipt by enabling it from the Invoice Layout

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