Import products using Excel file templates

To import the products using the XLS file go to the products > import products

Now you will see the import products section, there are two types of templates that you can download

Based on your preference you can download the import product template add your stock details and simply submit on file to import

Common Errors:

Error 1: UNIT not found


Make sure the unit you provided in the Excel file is already present in the system. Go to Products -> Units, add the unit & import the file again.

Error 2: The separation symbol could not be found the separation symbol could


Format your cells in Excel as text in your Excel for the expiry date field and give the date as specified (11-25-2018).

Error 3: Column error


Copy the existing listed products remove everything and paste it as an unformatted text, that way you will remove unnecessary space that might be available on your import file.

Not well-defined error:

Many times, it can show some not well-defined errors like “non-numeric value encounter” or others

In this case, the best way is to split your import into multiple files.

For example, if you’re importing file with 500 products, divide it into 2 files of 250 each and import it.

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