Add supplier & customers

Any contact can be supplier, Customer, or Both (Supplier & Customers)

Adding suppliers & customers

  1. Goto Contacts -> Suppliers or Customer

  2. Click on add a new contact. Select contact type – Supplier/Customer/Both

  3. Based on the contact type selected – it will show the relevant fields. Fill in the relevant details.

  4. Click on the More More Information button to see more fields.

  5. Pay Terms: This will help the system notify you of any pending payments for suppliers & customers. You can specify pay term in either days or months.

  6. Customer Group: Read details here

  7. Credit Limit: This is the maximum amount of credit that can be given to the customer. If in any sales the credit exceeds this amount then it won’t allow selling on credit.

  8. Opening Balance: Opening balance of a customer or supplier before you start using KB CloudERP. So if there is any previous balance you can add it here.

  9. Advance balance: Sometimes customers/suppliers pay/take money in advance. This will show the amount of advance balance paid or taken by the customer/supplier respectively.

Viewing suppliers & customers

  1. To view details about a Supplier or Customer click on the view button. It will show the complete details along with the relevant transactions (Purchases & Sales) for that contact.

  2. Pay Due amount: You can use this button to pay the due amount for a customer or supplier. This will pay the overall due amount for all invoices.

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