Attendance management

  1. Users can add their attendance, admin can add the attendance of every user.

  2. Attendance fields for admin: Employee, Date, IP address(auto get the user’s IP address), note, clock_in_time, clock_out_time.

  3. Attendance by non-admin users: Users can add their attendance by clicking on the “Clock In” button present in the top navigation bar and clock in adding a note. And click on the “Clock Out” button before leaving the workplace for checkout and adding a clock-out note.

  4. Total work hours will be displayed when the admin selects a particular user and it is always visible to a non-admin user.

  5. If the admin wants to add attendance for users & doesn’t want the user to add their attendance then it can be disabled by unchecking “Allow users to enter their attendance”

How can users add their attendance?

Follow the steps below for users to add their attendance

  • Step 1: Enable the “Allow users to enter their attendance” in the User Management > Roles for that particular user.

  • Step 2: Log in with that particular user’s login details.

  • Step 3: In the attendance tab, the user can now clock in and clock out, thus marking their attendance.

Grace time

  1. Grace time is useful for fixed shifts.

  2. Grace before check-in: This is additional time that is not counted as overtime. This means if Grace before check-in is defined as 30Min & a shift starts at 11 AM, then even if someone check-in at 10.30 AM it’ll not be considered early check-in

  3. Grace after check-in: Similar to before, this is a time that is not considered late even after checking in late. If Grace after check-in is 30 Min, then doing a check-in at 11:30 AM will allowed.

  4. Grace before checkout/Grace after checkout: Same as above 3 & 4, but this applies to checkout timing.

Getting the user’s location in attendance

When a user/employee clock’s-in the system can save the user’s location from which he/she has put attendance.

  1. Enabling Location:

  2. Check the above screenshot for locations when adding clock-in

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