Ledger notifications

Go to the notifications panel on the left sidebar menu

You will see the send ledger option on the first, here you have to configure the email body, whenever you send a ledger report of the customers, the default setup is also there but we will show you how to make it more professional.


You need to configure the SMTP/SMS server from Settings -> Business Settings -> Email Settings/SMS Settings and for WhatsApp, the web should be open in your web browser.


You can change/modify these templates however you want.

Copy and paste these two sections are on the email subject and body section.

Steps To Setup Templates

Email Subject:

Request to pay your ledger due amount for reconciliation purposes – {business_name}

Email Body:

Dear {contact_name},

Greetings from {business_name},

Subject: Ledger Reminder 🚫

Thank you for trusting our services, your balance due on your last purchases is overdue.

S.N.Customer NameBalance Due




Please pay your due amount to make our day-to-day transactions easy.

This is a system-generated email.

If you have any queries or support, please get in touch with us at our store.

– Regards {business_name}

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