Using for repackaging and selling

Sometimes, instead of manufacturing, businesses may repack raw materials and sell them in smaller quantities.

For example, a business may purchase oil in tones/liters/containers and repackage it to 1 liter, 500ml, 250ml, etc and sell them.

To achieve this follow the steps below

Step 1: Add the required product in each quantity using the add product feature

In our example,

Add the products as PD1 – Oil(tones/liters/containers), PD2 – Oil(1 litre), PD3 – Oil( 500ml), PD4 Oil (250 ml). Mark the main product, Oil purchased in tones/liters/containers as “Not for Selling”.

Step 2: Add the Recipe

In our example,

Add the recipe for Oil – 1 liter, Oil – 500ml, and Oil – 250 ml. Use the main product(Oil purchased in tones/liters/containers) as the ingredient. The ingredient used for PD2 – Oil(1 liter) should be 1 liter of main product i.e, PD1 – Oil(tones/liters/containers) Save the recipe. Similarly, add the recipe for each required quantity.

Step 3: Add the Production for the recipe

Add the production for the added recipe in step 2.

Step 4: Add Sale

Now you can sell the product PD2 – Oil(1 liter) from the add sale/POS screen.

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