Multiple Partners in your company?

No problem, with this module you can easily manage all your partners and their shares in the company.

We have a quick overview of the financial estimate of your stock and profits, manage your assets more easily with this module.

Advantages of Partners Management Module

  1. Efficiently manage multiple partners in your company.

  2. Easily handle and track partners’ shares in the company.

  3. Obtain a quick overview of the financial estimate of your stock and profits.

Major Features:

  1. Assets: Streamline the management of company assets.

  2. Partners: Conveniently handle details and activities related to partners.

  3. Shares: Track and manage the distribution of company shares among partners.

  4. Deposit: Monitor and manage partner deposits effortlessly.

  5. Withdrawal: Track and record partner withdrawals seamlessly.

  6. Financial Estimates: Obtain insights into the financial standing of stock and profits.

  7. Payments: Manage and record financial transactions with ease.

  8. And More: Explore additional features to enhance the efficiency of partner management. Also, access comprehensive tools for a holistic approach to managing company assets and partnerships.

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